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Introducing "The Vibe Tribe" - a revolutionary membership subscription site meticulously designed for body contouring specialists aiming to supercharge their businesses, elevate their skills, and connect with a dynamic community of like-minded professionals.  

The Vibe Tribe stands as an all-encompassing platform where innovation meets expertise.

At its core, The Vibe Tribe is the ultimate destination for those seeking to expand their horizons in the body contouring industry. The site offers a carefully curated set of tools and resources to bolster growth and success. Members have access to an array of marketing strategies, in-depth courses, AI-generated stock photos, digital graphics, social media templates, e-Books, and immersive classes that cater to all levels of experience.

One of the site's standout features is its distinctive group access system, where specialized subgroups cater to specific topics, enabling professionals to delve deep into their areas of interest. Members can earn badges, which not only signify their expertise but also unlock exclusive rewards, creating a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

The Vibe Tribe offers three distinct tiers, each tailored to suit individual needs and goals:

  • "The Insider" tier, which is free, opens the door to digital graphics, templates, courses, and classes, providing a taste of what the platform offers.


  • "Pro" offers advanced access to select courses, digital templates, classes, and an array of valuable resources.


  • The "VIP/Elite" tier grants unparalleled access to the entire arsenal of offerings, including comprehensive courses, an extensive library of digital templates, a wide range of classes, and much more.

With flexible monthly and yearly subscription options, The Vibe Tribe ensures that it caters to the diverse needs of its members, offering a pathway to excellence in the body contouring industry. This platform has emerged as a game-changer, empowering professionals to not only stay ahead of the curve but to thrive in an industry that's ever-evolving. The Vibe Tribe is a vibrant community where professionals unite, elevate, and inspire one another to reach new heights in the world of body contouring.

Choose Your Vibe.





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Mini Classes/Courses

AI Stock Photos

Social Media Templates




Marketing 101

Online Programs



and much more!


Find The One That Works For You

  • Insider

    For those who are just starting out in the business.
    Free Plan
    • Access to Blog Posts
    • Access to Digital Graphics
    • Access to Classes, Courses, Workshops
  • Pro

    Every month
    For those who are looking to expand and grow their business.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to Blog Posts
    • Access to Select Digital Graphics
    • Access to Select Classes, Mini Courses, Workshops
    • Access to Select e-Books
    • Receive 10% off of Select Courses on A Body Vibe Academy
    • Receive 10% off Misc. Digital Graphics & Content
  • VIP Elite

    Every month
    For those seeking for the ultimate resources for their spa.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to Blog Posts
    • Select Digital Graphics - FREE
    • Select Courses, Classes & Workshops - FREE
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