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The Your Herbal Tea Ritual kit provides you with the necessary tools to enjoy the art of preparing loose-leaf tea.


  • Restore moisture from the inside out with this sweet, earthy blend. This tea is formulated with demulcent herbs to hydrate the internal organs of the body, soothe a sore throat & alleviate dry skin. This blend also eases your nervous system’s stress response, thanks to adaptogenic herbs, Ashwagandha & Shatavari. Savor this tea on a cool, crisp fall day, before bed or whenever you experience the need to calm & hydrate vata dosha.
  • Soothe excess heat in the body & mind with this fresh, minty tea. We blend alterative herbs like Brahmi & Hibiscus to cool, calm & purify your internal systems; in turn, restoring balance & equanimity to your being. Enjoy during hot summer days, after your workout, when feeling overwhelmed or whenever you are experiencing an imbalance in pitta dosha.
  • Energize your mind & stimulate your body without the use of caffeine! This blend is formulated with classical Ayurvedic dipanas, or digestive herbs, like Ginger, Cinnamon & Clove to warm the body & support healthy digestion. Lemongrass imparts a bright & uplifting essence to this spicy, activating tea. Make yourself a cup during the cold winter day