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Ravenfield Mods Download glorwonn




Everyone knows the Ravenfield is just a souped up version of the normal map. Use all your skills to survive as long as you can. You are : Idle Worlds (1 playtime) All users have 30 minutes Others Tropic Battle (FOMC - Wojtek Laszczykowski) The Demigod has left, and you must face him in the final battle. He has a new weapon, however: The Manipulator! Take him out and use your new weapon to defend your territory! We have new weapons for you: New weapons Nuclear Bomb (Nekesz) Our good friend Nekesz has something exciting to say: "To all the people with plenty of RP: Introduce a nuclear bomb to this map. You can use the admin console to do this". We will do it on the test server next week! You can give it a try here, or just wait for Nekesz. You are : Nebulae (1 playtime) El Dorado (Acland Teague) You're a dashing adventurer in search of a fabled, golden city called El Dorado. You're well equipped for the journey, with your trusty sword, and wits. Your quest is a perilous one, as the other adventurers know only too well. You are : Kalas (1 playtime) AP (Romain Touzot) AP - The Self-proclaimed Planet. Of death, destruction and rotting flesh! On its surface, every living creature meets a swift and painful death. No, they're not dead, they're simply "The Rip". You've got to find the closest "The Rip" and get back to AP! You are : AP (1 playtime) Gatling Gun (Guillaume Delisle) You've got a Gatling Gun. This is a machine gun, but instead of the usual bullets it fires out a huge, Gatling-spewing stream of blood. It has a low rate of fire, and low ammo capacity, but a Gatling Gun can inflict high damage with a high



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Ravenfield Mods Download glorwonn

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